Nevada Chamber Music Festival December 27, 2018 - January 1, 2019
Place & Time
(Nightingale Concert Hall)
Reno Nevada
December 27, 2018
2:00 PM


VIVALDI Concerto for four Violins RV553 in B flat major
Martin Chalifour, Chee-Yun Kim, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Ruth Lenz
(w/ orchestra)

BACH Suite no 5 for Solo Cello: Prelude, Gavottes 1&2, Gigue
Mark Kosower, cello

BACH Brandenburg Concerto no 5 (orig. for Flute, violin, harpsichord)
soloists: Martin Chalifour, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Jim Winn


TELEMANN Concerto for four Violins in D (without bass accompaniment)
Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Rebecca Hang, Ruth Lenz, Jun-Ching Lin

BACH Partita no 3 in E major for Violin Solo: Gavotte en Rondeau , Gigue
Jun-Ching Lin, violin

BACH Keyboard concerto no 1 in D minor, BWV 1052
Jon Kimura Parker, piano - Orchestra



BACH Italian Concerto
Ya-Fei Chuang, solo piano

VIVALDI Concerto for two Cellos & Orchestra
with Festival cellists: Clive Greensmith, Mark Kosower,
Dmitri Atapine, Brian Schuldt

BACH Brandenburg Concerto no 6 for two Viola solos
soloists: Che-Yen Chen, Aloysia Friedmann
solo cello: Clive Greensmith


VIVALDI Sonata in C major for violin and guitar (arr. Mak Grgic)
Martin Chalifour, Mak Grgić

VIVALDI Four Seasons « Winter »
soloist: Chee-Yun Kim, Violin
solo cello: Brian Schuldt

SCARLATTI Sonata « Aria » K32 & Sonata K159 for Solo Guitar
soloist: Mak Grgić, Guitar

BACH Concerto for two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043
soloists: Jun-Ching Lin, Ruth Lenz

12/28 Short concert, 3PM « Duets and Quintets » @ South Reno Methodist Church

BOCCHERINI Quintet for Guitar and Strings « Fandango »
Mak Grgić, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Rebecca Hang, Dustin Budish, Brian Schuldt

HINDEMITH Sonata for Viola and Piano in F, op. 11 no 4. (composed 1919)
Che-Yen Chen, Steven Vanhauwaert

MOZART Duo for Violin and Viola in G major , K. 423 (Allegro)
Chee-Yun Chen, Dustin Budish

SCHUMANN Quintet for Piano and Strings in E flat Major opus 44
Jon Kimura Parker, Jun-Ching Lin, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio,
Aloysia Friedmann, Mark Kosower



BEETHOVEN String Quartet opus 18 no 2
Jun-Ching Lin, Ruth Lenz, Che-Yen Chen, Brian Schuldt

RAVEL Piano Trio in A minor
Ya-Fei Chuang, Ruth Lenz, Clive Greensmith

VIVALDI Concerto for Guitar and strings in D major
Mak Grgić, with Rebecca Hang, Martin Chalifour, Che-Yen Chen,
Clive Greensmith

BRAHMS Piano Trio no 2 opus 87 in C major
Steven Vanhauwaert, Chee-Yun Kim, Dmitri Atapine








12/29 LUNCH concert 11 AM , (SRUMC)

BACEWICZ, Gražina Quartet for Four Violins
Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Chee-Yun Kim, Ruth Lenz, Rebecca Hahn

MOZART, W.A. Piano Trio K. 502
Jim Winn, Chee Yun Kim, Brian Schuldt

KODÁLY, Zoltán Serenade for Two Violins and Viola
Martin Chalifour, Jun-Ching Lin, Dustin Budish

TURINA, Joaquín Piano Quartet
Steven Vanhauwaert, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Aloysia Friedmann, Mark Kosower



12/29 MASTER WORKS concert, 3pm. (SRUMC) « Happy 100th Birthday! »

MENDELSSOHN Piano Trio in C minor
Ya-Fei Chuang, Martin Chalifour, Dmitri Atapine

JONGEN Serenade Tendre for String Quartet (composed 1918)
ELGAR String Quartet- Finale (composed 1918)

Rebecca Hang, Chee-Yun Kim, Che-Yen Chen,
Clive Greensmith


FAURE Pavane (arr. for Guitar and strings)
Mak Grgić, Ruth Lenz, Rebecca Hang, Dustin Budish, Brian Schuldt

BRAHMS Quintet in G major op 111 for two violins, two Violas and Cello
Jun-Ching Lin, Ruth Lenz, Aloysia Friedmann, Dustin Budish, Mark Kosower








12/30 CONCERT, 3PM. at UNR

BRAHMS Sonatensatz
Martin Chalifour, Ya-Fei Chuang

REINECKE Piano Quintet in A major (1st movement)
Ya-Fei Chuang, Chee-Yun Kim, Jun-Ching Lin,
Che-Yen Chen, Dmitri Atapine

PAGANINI Sonata for Violin and Guitar op 64 no 4 in A major
Adagio Cantabile- Rondo
Chee-Yun Kim, Mak Grgić

HAYDN Piano trio in G major « Gipsy »
Ya-Fei Chuang, Rebecca Hahn, Brian Schuldt


BRAHMS Piano Quartet no 3 in C minor op 60
Jon Kimura Parker, Martin Chalifour, Aloysia Friedmann, Clive Greensmith


12/30 MASTER WORKS concert at 7PM. (U.N.R.)

CLARKE , Rebecca Piano Trio
Jim Winn, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Clive Greensmith

GRIEG, E. String Quartet in G minor
Martin Chalifour, Jun-Ching Lin, Che-Yen Chen,
Mark Kosower


BACH , Carl Phillip Emmanuel Quartet for flute (violin), Viola, cello and Piano, WQ 94
Jim Winn, Ruth Lenz, Aloysia Friedmann,
Brian Schuldt

DVORAK Piano Quartet in E flat major, Op 87
Steven Vanhauwaert, Chee-Yun Kim,
Rebecca Hang (viola), Dmitri Atapine




12/31 PIANO SHOWCASE concert 3PM

MOZART Sonata for Piano four-hands in F
Jim Winn, Steven Vanhauwaert

CHOPIN Ballades no 1 and no 4
JOPLIN, Scott Solice
Peterson, Oscar Blues Etude
Jon Kimura Parker


SAINT-SAËNS Mazurkas no 1, 2, 3
Steven Vanhauwaert

RAVEL Ondine
Jim Winn

LISZT Reminiscences of (Mozart’s) Don Juan
Ya-Fei Chuang

MILHAUD Scaramouche
Ya-Fei Chuang and Jon Kimura Parker



MOZART Overture from the Marriage of Figaro , arr. for Four Cellos
Mark Kosower, Clive Greensmith, Dmitri Atapine, Brian Schuldt

PIAZZOLLA L’Histoire du Tango , for violin and guitar
Martin Chalifour, Mak Grgić

SAINT-SAENS Piano Trio no 2
Steven Vanhauwaert, Jun-Ching Lin, Clive Greensmith


BACEWICZ « Narration » , from Concerto for Four Cellos
Dmitri Atapine, Brian Schuldt, Mark Kosower, Clive Greensmith

MENDELSSOHN Octet for Strings in E flat major , op 20
Chee-Yun Kim, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Rebecca Hang,
Ruth Lenz, Che-Yen Chen, Dustin Budish, Dmitri Atapine,
Brian Schuldt



1/1 « A Viennese NEW YEAR » 2PM

MOZART Divertimento for Strings in D major K. 136
Rebecca Hang, Ruth Lenz, Che-Yen Chen, Brian Schuldt

BRAHMS Liebeslieder Waltzes op. 52 (arr. Hermann)
Jun-Ching Lin, Rebecca Hang, Dustin Budish, Mark Kosower,
Scott Faulkner

BEETHOVEN Triple Concerto for Violin , Cello and Piano (1st movement)
Ya-Fei Chuang, Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio, Mark Kosower
(arr. by Reinecke)


KREISLER, F. Caprice Viennois, arranged by Eric Leidzén
Liebesfreud (love’s Joy) ‘’ ‘’ ‘’
Ruth Lenz, Rebecca Hang, Dustin Budish, Dmitri Atapine,
Scott Faulkner

SCHUBERT Trout Quintet (composed 1819)
Jon Kimura Parker, Martin Chalifour, Aloysia Friedmann
Clive Greensmith, Scott Faulkner


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